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As part of the Exterstahl Group, we can take advantage of our broad range of procurement options and buy our products directly from the manufacturer. This guarantees the quality, stability and traceability of goods. You can always receive from us the manufacturer Material Certificate with chemical analyses and mechanical test results, as well as supplier declarations and RoHS / REACH certificates of compliance.

We always keep over 10,000 t of hot rolled sheets in stock. For the majority of structural steels in our warehouse, we have certificates of chemical analysis attesting to the fact that the values are well below the tolerance levels. This is a reflection of our commitment to satisfy the requirements of our buyers when it comes to improved welding properties and facilitating quick processing of purchase orders.

In addition to standard steels, we offer a broad range of steel with special properties. Upon request, we can also offer the vast majority of other steel sheets.

However, our objective is not to make just an ordinary delivery; we want to offer you a whole range of quarto plate cutting and processing services. We can also offer you other services such as additional testing (ultrasound and Z-Test Z15-Z35), bend testing or bend testing for welds and distortion testing defined at test temperatures. In our warehouse, we can also conduct external reception tests through several different classification societies, and we hold a batch transfer certificate.

We have been delivering plates according to DB (Deutsche Bahn) standard for many years.

Hot rolled structural sheets and strip

Hot rolled sheets cut from the coil, EN 10025, EN 10051

  • Grades: S235JR+AR, S235JR+N, S235J2+N, S235JRC+N, S235J2C+N, S275JR+AR, S275JR+N, S275J2+N, S355J2+N, S355J2C+N, S355K2+N
  • Thickness: 1.5-20.00 mm
  • Standard widths: 1000/1250/1500/2000; non-standard widths available upon request

Laser cut hot rolled sheets RELAX

Exterstahl Relax steel sheets are specially developed for processing by a state-of-the-art laser machine and are excellent for use in the work mode without an operator. They are optimised for high performance in automated production.

More about Exterstahl Relax laser sheets

Patterned hot rolled sheets (ribbed and teardrop), EN 10025, EN 10051

  • Common height of the rib or teardrop pattern approx. 1 mm; upon request, it can be up to 2 mm.
  • Thickness between 3 and 15 mm (we keep in stock sheets up to 12mm), usual widths of 1,000 – 2,000 mm and lengths of 2,000-12,000 mm. These sheets are mostly used as tread plates or for style.
  • Grade: S235JR

Hot rolled steel plates, EN 10025, EN 10029

Hot rolled sheets for pressure tank manufacturing, EN 10028, EN 10051 or EN 10029

  • Grades: P265GH, P295GH, P355GH, P355NH, P355NL, P460NL, 16Mo3
  • Thickness: from 3 to 80 mm
  • Standard widths: 1000/1250/1500/2000/2500; non-standard widths available upon request

Special hot rolled sheets

Weather resistant sheets, EN 10025, EN 10051 and EN 10029

  • Grades: S355J2WP, S355J2W+N
  • Thickness: from 2 mm

Small-grained sheets, EN 10025, EN 10051 and EN 10029

  • Grades: S355MC, S420MC, S460MC, S700MC
  • Thickness: from 2 mm
  • Standard widths: 1000/1250/1500; non-standard widths available upon customer request

Steel sheets for quenching, tempering, cementation and relaxation, EN 10083-10084, EN 10051 and EN 10029

  • Grades: C45, 42CrMo4, 16MnCr5
  • Thickness: from 3 mm

High strength sheets, EN 10025, EN 10029

  • Grades: from S690QL to S960QL
  • Thickness: from 8mm

Wear-resistant sheets, EN 10025, EN 10029

  • Grades: 300HB to 600HB; different options such as Hardox, Quard, Dillidur, Brinar, XAR
  • Thickness: from 6 mm

Standard plates and sheets in stock

Thickness 2 - 250 mm, width up to 3,500 mm and length 12,000 mm. If necessary, we can deliver special lengths of up to 15,000 mm and widths of up to 4,000 mm.

All our plates and sheets have an EN 10204 3.1 manufacturer's certificate, a CE marking (in accordance with the standard) and even an AD 2000 W1 upon request.

DBS 918002-01 and DBS 918002-02 compliant plates

We keep in stock a broad range of plates compliant with the Deutsche Bahn technical specifications. Our quarto sheets satisfy the DBS 918002-01 and DBS 918002-02 requirements, which makes them suitable for use in railway carriages and railway bridge structures.

Upon request, we can perform ultrasonic testing on all sheets, depending on customer needs.

Plates with limited analysis and tests at -40 ° C

We also keep in stock plates that meet additional requirements, such as an additional impact test at -40 ° C for S355J2+N and S355J2C+N grades.

Do you need cutting blanks and additional processing of plates and sheets? Horex is your answer.

For more about our processing, visit this page.

Upon request, we offer our own ultrasonic testing and batch transferring.

Shipbuilding sheets

Shipbuilding sheets are used for the production and repair of steel ships, offshore facilities and shipbuilding components. The traceability from the sheet production process in a steel mill up to the fitting into the final product must be monitored by one of the Classification Societies from the IACS Group. Horex trade d.o.o. guarantees the traceability of steel sheets from production to sale.

Our sales programme includes the following sheets:

  • Normal strength sheets: A, B, D and E grades
  • Enhanced strength sheets: AH 32,36,40; DH 32,36,40; EH 32,36,40 grades

Tolerance: EN 10029 / EN 10051

Certificates: EN 10204/3.2 (ABS, BV, CRS, DNV-GL, LR, RINA)

The grade that is most commonly in use, which Horex trade d.o.o. keeps in stock regularly, is Grade A. The most common sheet formats in stock are 2000x8000 mm, but we also deliver 1500x6000, 2000x6000 and 2450x12000 mm. The most common sheet thickness is from 5 to 25 mm. We can deliver any other sheet format on demand, often with a quantity tolerance of -0/+0.

Horex trade d.o.o. additionally offers support services for project implementation from the very beginning of the operation, design development, certification, re-attestation, blasting and basic sheet protection, cutting to customer drawings, if necessary with bevelled edges ready for fitting. (For more detail, see: Production services) and delivery to shipyard.

Our many years of experience in shipbuilding guarantee the quality, security and reliability of our products and services, as can be attested by the large circle of our business partners, buyers, classification societies and engineering offices.

Hot rolled p++ sheets & coils

  • According to EN 10025, EN 10051 standards
  • DD11, DD12, DD13, S235JR, S355MC, S355J2+N p+o grades
  • Thickness from 2 mm
  • Formats from 1000 mm x 2000 mm to 1500 mm to 3000 mm; non-standard widths and lengths available upon request

Cold rolled sheets

  • According to EN 10130 standard
  • Grades: DC01, DC03, DC04, DC05 and DC06
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm to 4 mm
  • Strips: widths from 20 mm to 1,700mm
  • Plates: standard formats 1000x2000 mm, 1250x2500 mm, 1500x3000 mm; non-standard widths and lengths available upon request

Galvanized sheets & coils

  • According to EN 10327 standard
  • Grades: DX51D, DX52D, DX53D, DX54D, DX56D (EN 10327/ EN 10143) S220GD, S250GD, S280GD, S320GD, S380GD ( EN 10326 / EN 10143 )
  • Zinc coating: Z100 – Z450 g/m2
  • Thickness: 0.5 mm - 4 mm
  • Widths: 20mm to 1500 mm
  • plate sizes from 1000 mm x 2000 mm to 1500 mm x 3000 mm; non-standard widths and lengths available upon request

Organic coated coils

  • According to EN 10169 standard
  • Thickness from 0.40 to 1.00 mm (0.50 mm always in stock)
  • Grades: DX51D+Z and DX52D+Z
  • Zinc coating: min. Z50 g/m2, max. Z450 g/m2 (we keep in stock Z140)
  • RAL colours in stock: 3009, 6028, 7016, 8004, 8019, 9002, 9005, 9006; other colours available upon customer request
  • Coil weight of up to 5 T; coil rewinding /smaller coils available upon customer request